Technology and Reflexivity in Communicating Physics

Dr Fran Laughton  (Director of Teaching, Department of Physics, University of Bath)
Module: Communicating Physics

In this interview, Fran reflects on the student opportunities and challenges of using reflective e-portfolios as part of their ‘Communicating Physics’ public engagement projects. Fran’s motives for running this project include developing student skills such as reflective writing and communicating with different audiences, as well as enhancing departmental research culture.

Fran’s Top Tips:
  • Have a go at public engagement- you won’t regret it!
  • Do not use technology for the sake of it. First you need to be clear on your aims and objectives- who you want to engage with and why- and then you can consider the activity and the role that technology could play to enhance it

Mentioned by Fran:

Listen to Fran’s workshop “Developing Engaged Curricula: The Challenges of Technology and Reflexivity” here.