This podcast features:

Ms Caroline Hickman (Teaching Fellow in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences)

Dr John Troyer (Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences)

Dr Aurélien Mondon (Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies)

In this podcast, Caroline, John, and Aurélien discuss some of the challenges to incorporating technology and public engagement in teaching.

Things to think about:

  • How can technology be used to enhance interaction beyond that of face-to-face contact?
  • Ethical issues surrounding certain groups of ‘publics’- is the group you have in mind appropriate to expose students to?
  • Incorporating public engagement given the limited teaching time
  • Perceived loss of control when exposing students to external publics and how to overcome this
  • The value of getting students to critically engage with technology
  • Technology needs to have a purpose rather than be tokenistic

Concerned or unsure about how best to utilise the technologies available?

Concerns about using technologies is a theme that has arisen several times throughout the project. Using technology, particularly in innovative ways, can seem daunting at first. Remember, you are not alone and there is support here at the University of Bath to guide you through the process. You don’t even need to know which technology you would like to use- we offer support at every step along the way! Just remember to follow our map– start by considering the who and the why, before considering the activity and the enhancing role that technology could play.

For inspiration, see the LITEbox blog, which documents events surrounding different technologies and how they can be implemented within research and teaching.

For advice, guidance, and support throughout the process, please contact Audio-Visual SupportCentre for Learning and Teaching/ Technology Enhanced Learning, or simply email!