The project highlighted the importance of asking yourself about the 3Ws of engaged teaching:

First decide WHY you want to engage. Is it to:

  • Consult with publics, using their views, skills, experiences, and knowledge to inform students’ learning experiences?
  • Transmit knowledge from students to publics to inspire, inform, change, educate the publics?
  • Collaborate with publics and students working in partnership to decide, consider, create, something together?

Then decide WHO are your students engaging with?

  • Who is it important for them to listen to, talk to, share experiences with?
  • What is practical from your own networks and contacts?

Then think about WHAT will the engagement look like, what activities will it incorporate & what role can technology play?

  • How does the technology suit the publics you’re looking to engage with?
  • What structural constraints does the curriculum afford and how might these be managed (e.g., does the University teaching structure enable or constrain these practices?
  • How does the semester timetable affect how and when you can engage etc?)


With the help of Public Engagement expert consultant Sarah Bonner we were able to visually display our findings in a self-diagnostic ‘things to think about’ map that asks the above questions and helps guide you through the decision making process.

Download an electronic copy of The 3 W’s of Engaged Teaching Map, or email to get a physical copy.