TDF Project: the role of technologies when connecting students with external publics

The aim of this project was to explore and disseminate innovative engagement with new and existing technologies across the University that create opportunities for students and external publics (e.g. national/international scholars, third sector organisations, businesses, local and national government, peers) to engage with one another in diverse ways that enhance the learning experience. This website serves as a community of practice which shares and disseminates ideas to innovate this aspect of research-enriched teaching.

To achieve this aim, there were 3 phases of the project:

Phase 1: map current use of technology to connect students with external publics

Phase 2: identify examples of good practice across the institution and talk to staff about their experiences. A series of ‘engaged’ workshops were co-convened to share experiences of staff, students and external publics, drawing on experiences across the University.

Phase 3: we worked in collaboration with the e-Learning Team, AV, and the Public Engagement Unit to evaluate and review these practices and develop a series of easily accessible online resources. The result? This online hub, which showcases the blog posts, podcasts, individual interviews and workshops compiled throughout the project.




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